Other Non Ship (34)

  Container Set Rhenania Junior 80x
  Container Set for RJ-278 in multi colors Rhenania Junior 278CONT-C
  Containerbrucke 126-8m-(HH) Arbeitsstellung-working position Rodkling 20CA
  Containerbruke open Rodkling 13CR
  Containerbruke working Rodkling 13CA
  Dalben - grob (4) Rodkling 18bzn
  Dalben - mittel (4) Rodkling 18azn
  Flensburg Crane Rodkling 81SA
  Haufen Crane on Column (2) Rodkling 82SA
  Hudson River Typ Containers for CV1100 Rhenania 164Cont
  Hudson River Type 2 hull cargos for CV1100 Rhenania 164Kas
  LKW Container trucks Rodkling RKH-9/-2
  Schwimmdock Crane (2) Rodkling 67
  Silo Hansa H-4
  Mobile Container Crane (2 copies) 1502 Rodkling 91
  Floating coal conveyor - schwimm Kohleheber 1925 Rodkling 26A
  Getreideheber - grain elevator (2) 1930 Rodkling 23
  Vollportalkran - Ruhestellung 1950 Rodkling 24R
  Vollportalkran - Arbeitsstellun 1950 Rodkling 24A
  Hafenschuppen fr Halportalkran 1950 Rodkling RKH-1
  Containers White for RHE-150 1991 Rhenania 150c
  Coal Loader - resting position Germany Rodkling 57R
  Coal Loader - working position Germany Rodkling 57A
  Internationales Maritimes Museum Hamburg Germany Rodkling RKH-11
  Kohleforderanlage (HH)-coal cr Germany Rodkling 22
  City Wall Cologne and small boats Germany 1531 Rodkling RKHS-9
  Tank loco + 9 freight cars Germany 1930 Rodkling RKH-6
  75t Crane Germany 1921 1921 Rodkling 3S10
  Containers f-Majapahit India 1982 1982 Ostrowski 92CON
  Containers f-Alarni Netherlands 1987 1987 Ostrowski 91CON
  Hammer Crane (Norfolk VA) United States Rodkling 5S15
  Jayhawk (CG Helo x4 + rotors) United States Argos Z-7/-24
  NYC Cunard Pier 92 United States Mercator Skytrex 4NY
  Statue of Liberty United States 1886 1886 Bille 7