Canadian Atlantic's Newfoundland Ferries in Port aux Basques

Earlier ferry break downs, led to traffic backlogs at Port aux Basques so the ferries came and went all day clearing out mainland bound vacationers and trucks.  When Zoom at Sea arrived at 10 in the morning, traffic control held us outside the channel until The Joseph and Clara Smallwood exited the harbor.

The Joseph and Clara Smallwood exiting Port aux Basques as we wait for her to pass.

Later the same morning, her sister-ship, Caribou, arrived and promptly departed with another load of campers.  (Note the pretty good sized scrape on Caribou's starboard bow -- oops.)

Immediately after Caribou's departure, the third ferry of the fleet, Leif Ericsson popped into the harbor and cleared out the tail end of the backed up traffic.

Finally, with all the passenger traffic cleared away, Atlantic Freighter arrived in the late afternoon and left that night with a new load of cargo trailers.

Polarlys watched it all go buy:

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