St. Pierre & Miquelon



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Passed by The Cat enroute to Yarmouth

The Cat outbound from Yarmouth
 in the channel

Armdale Yacht Club, Halifax
Boat at left got our old Volvo

Dawn on crossing to Newfoundland


Burgeo, NF

Coastal Boat


Anchored near Grey River


Uhh, Dad, that is our boat

Little Passage into Bay d'Espoir

Looking back from Bay d'Espoir

Still Grey River


Hangin' on dock at McCallum NF

Fish "buy boat" at McCallum

P. on McCallum medivac platform

Ocean side at McCallum


Dawn at McCallum

McCallum dock

CCGC W.G.George - 15.77 m

Passing astern


Sunset at Dingwall, NS

Containership in Halifax

Schooner on NS coast

Whale (Pilot Whale/Barrelhead?)

Thanks to Sandy, nothing broke!