By Type of Ship
Aircraft Carrier3Dredge8Oiler7
Antique Ship1Drilling Platform2Passenger437
Armed Merchant Cruiser1Drydock1Patrol Boat1
Armoured Cruiser1Ferry237Personnel Transport10
Armoured Vessel1Fisheries Research7Pilot Vessel2
Auto Carrier5Fishery Protection1Pipelaying Ship1
Barge14Floating Crane10Push Tug5
Barge - self propelled7Freighter217Refrigerated Ship24
Barge - self propelled tank1Frigate7Research Ship6
Barge Carrier9Guided Missle Cruiser4Roll On-Roll Off Ship45
Barrack Ship1Gunboat1Scenery1
Battle Cruiser1Heavy Cruiser1Service Vessel1
Battle Monitor1Hospital Ship4Ship of the Line9
Battleship7Hospital Ship (merchant)2Special Vessel20
Bulk Freighter27Hovercraft Landing Ship2Submarine Chaser1
Buoy Tender2Icebreaker (Gov.)12Supply Ship10
Cable Layer6Landing Craft Support1Tanker47
Catapault Ship1Landing Ship3Tanker - Gas (LNG LPG)21
Coaster14Lightship2Target Ship1
Command Ship2Littoral Combat Ship1Tender2
Containership151LST3Training Ship7
Cruiser2Military Survey Ship1Training Ship - Navy2
Customs Vessel1Minelayer1Tug23
Depot Repair Ship15Minesweeper2Tug - Navy4
Destroyer - Guided Missle1Offshore Supply Vessel13Yacht47